The Good Life of Horror

Many will never know but others will never forget. Many will only see pictures while others have the images branded in their minds for all of time. There is a generation being raised that know very little about the evil that lurks in plain sight. But others can’t get rid of the emotions.

Today many will pause to remember the events of September 11, 2001. The world kind of stopped that day for many of us. Classes canceled. Flights grounded. Police and military were everywhere and NO ONE had a problem with it. First responders were loved and admired. Service men and women were held in high esteem. Race. Creed. Color. Gender. Political persuasion didn’t matter. We were one people. One nation. One nation on her knees.

Then we stood. Like we always do. We dug deep. Found our resolve and placed our feet on the solid ground of our ancestors. We leaned forward in a fighting stance and raised our arms with fists clenched. We weren’t going to take this one laying down. We had to do something. Anything. Nothing was not an option.

But what has happened as the images of the horror faded has been disheartening yet predictable. Even though we said we’d never forget. Even though we add special banners to our social media for this 24 hour day. Even though we light the sky and fly the flags and even pause for a few seconds that day to remember, I’m not convince that we don’t really remember.

If we remembered, I mean really remembered, then things would be different. We’d have that same respect for local authorities we had on September 12th. If we remembered, we’d be able to see beyond color and gender and side of the aisle. If we really remembered the world would be a different place.

Sometimes it’s good to have a moment of horror hit. Sometimes it can be good to suffer the fear and heartache we suffered that late summer day. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I don’t ever want to feel the emptiness of that moment again, but I sure wouldn’t mind to live the good life of horror again. That was a day I could live over and over again.


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