Ministry in 2024

The year 2024 will bring a deeper focus on the Bible, God’s Word. We’re going to be looking for More in 24.

It doesn’t matter where you start the journey or where you’ve been before, as we launch into this year we’re going to be challenging one another to take one step forward in faith. Going just a little deeper. Getting a little more out of the Bible.

It will start with a new sermon series on the book of Romans that will take us the vast majority of 2024. We’ll pause the series for special events and a couple times to catch our breath. But week after week we’ll be digging into the truths of Romans. It’s been said that every great awakening in Christian history happened with a focus on the book of Romans. Perhaps God will bring an awakening into our hearts this year as we see the depth and practicality of the gospel that’s woven throughout the book of Romans.

Download your copy of the Small Group guide for our study in Romans – Experience the Awakening.

Another Look

Pray Together

In 2023 we will be changing up our chance to pray with one another. For now we continue to offer a 15 minute prayer time on Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings. These will be 15 minutes of prayer facilitated by your Board of Elders offered twice a week. So plan on joining in! Don’t feel comfortable praying out loud? That’s fine too we’d still love to see your face (or not) on this weekly zoom call! Each prayer goes live at the time indicated below.

Monday Mornings at 7AM – Zoom Prayer

Tuesday Nights at 8:15PM – Zoom Prayer

RightNow Media

Another resource we have for you is called Right Now Media. It’s a collection of over 20,000 bible studies and Bible resources for all ages. It’s organized like Hulu or Netflix but all of the material is focused on growing your relationship with Christ in community with other believers. Sign up for your free account today!