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If the big church word, discipleship, means to be transformed into the image of Christ for the sake of others, then this part of our ministry is the others part. Too often the church is seen as a secret club or a hidden gathering place, but that couldn't be more wrong. For whom does the church exist? Yep you guessed it - you!

A group of people gathering.

We believe there isn’t a single person on this earth that can’t benefit from the wonders of knowing Jesus. It’s not about membership or money. It’s not about attending or acting. It’s about belonging to something big. When we invite, we’re letting you know that you are valuable! You’re valuable to us at Living Word because we love to get to know new people and to grow alongside you as you begin to live God’s story.

Come To

Sometimes we’ll invite you to come to our location to join us for something we’ve got going on. These invitations will be mailers, postcards, door hangers, personal contacts, banners, but most of them will be face-to-face invitations that came from a friendly conversation. Here are some of our regular come to events:

  • Sunday Morning Worship – we’d be remiss to not invite you to join us for worship any and every Sunday! Worship starts at 8:00am and 10:30am but come early for a cup of coffee.
  • Fall FunFest – undoubtedly our biggest event of the year, the Fall FunFest is a free family friendly event open to any and all who can attend. It’s held on the weekend of the Ohio State Buckeye’s Bye weekend every year. This year that happens to be September 30, 2023
  • VBS – every summer we hold Vacation Bible School for all of our kiddos that attend Living Word, and those in the community around us! Bring a child you know to VBS for some bible teaching and summer fun!
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The last few years we have held a HUGE egg hunt for families. Come to this event ready for fun, games, candy, and to hear the Easter story!

Go To

We try to find ways to bring the of Jesus to the places where we live, work, and play. This means we have to do more than just expect you to come to us – we make time to go to places where you are!

  • Neighborhood Parties – This is probably the most fun thing we do regularly! All people associated with Living Word are encouraged to just have fun. Throw a party and invite your neighbors. We don’t preach at you. We don’t ask you to sign a commitment or anything. When we do one of these parties, it’s simply a way for us to get to know you – our neighbors!

Do Good

This area of ministry really is less about inviting and more about serving. These events are about just doing something kind for our neighbors and friends.

  • Organic Good – these are things we do that are often unplanned and unpublicized. Providing a gas card to someone down on their luck. Doing a simple auto repair for a broke down driver. Mowing someone’s lawn. Shoveling snow or plowing a driveway. Many of these deeds are done without anyone knowing who even did them!